New Media in Education Course


The New Media in Education Course, in collaboration with the Kibbuzim College, is a unique course and first of its kind. The course puts emphasis on changes in the technological world in reference to the education system and to the teacher’s role. In addition, course participants receive practical tools for network based educational initiatives.

A sample of topics from the course’ syllabus:

Facebook based learning

YouTube as an educational instrument

Games with Google

Educational applications & the cellular sphere

The new rules of educational innovative enterprises

Building a personal learning track on MOOC, and more.

The course combines theoretical classes with practical training and in addition, each course participant is building an educational project. Participants who are interested in combining social media channels into the educational institution in which they work, receive technical tools to facilitate this objective.

MOOCMassive Open Online Courses 

Mooc is a new trend in academic development beyond the boundaries of the known and familiar. In the last two years, a growing number of leading universities (MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Duke, and others) offer online courses by the best lecturers in the world. These courses offer the highest quality of education and allow learning in a personal pace for everyone, at any time and in every place.     

Many of these courses are very popular and list an average number of participants in tens of thousands for every course.

The MOOC that is currently developed in the Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, Israel, is first of its kind in the field of digital education and first in the field of teachers’ training and education, both in Israel and worldwide.


The course is constructed in such a way that involves the viewer and makes him/her an active viewer. The students are given a number of alternatives during each class viewing time and their choices affect the contents provided to them.

In this way, every course student can, in effect, choose to learn more about the areas of his/her interest and by which to receive a learning experience which is more relevant for him/her and different from the experiences of other students.

MOOCOpen Source

The term Open Source is borrowed from computer software programing. Every software is based on lines of code. These lines of code are essentially the “backbone” of the software, or the components that make the software. An Open Source means:

  1. A “backbone” which is open and accessible to everyone
  2. A “backbone” which enables everyone to use it freely and to, essentially, create new software based on the existing code.

The New Media In Education Course is based on the open source concept, by allowing every student free access to every content in the course and by enabling every student to redesign the course by addition of areas he/she are interested in receiving more in-depth information. In turn, these personal additions may be later on combined into the course in future semesters.