Google in Education


Google in Education is an initiative that has set the goal of providing support and services to the community of education people in Israel in two ways: Expanding the knowledge and possibilities of use in the range of Google tools in favor of education; and making the Google’s innovation, knowledge and unique methods of work accessible for key communities of users in the field of education.

The staff of Education Cities is responsible for conceptualization and “translation” of the spirit of Google to the educational field:

  • What are the linkage between Futurology and Education?
  • What is curiosity based learning and how does the transition between hierarchical pyramidal learning to network structures work?
  • How can one take Google’s innovative principles and utilize them as a tool for the development of a culture of innovation at school or in the district?     

All of these aspects and others are made accessible by the team of Google in Education during introductory and training sessions for audiences of policy-setters in education: Regional education supervisors, Science & Technology Administration staff, Groups of heads of teachers from different municipal authorities as well as others. Education Cities’ staff is responsible for constructing knowledge and is a partner in building the various introductory and training sessions.